GO GO GO! Taller de Terreno + Indiegogo = success!

Shipping Container_TDT_Grenade_Disruptor_web.jpg

Kevin + I would like to thank you all for the many ways you've shown your support for our latest adventure, Taller de Terreno Arts + Wellness Center, located in Baja Sur California, Mexico. As we wrap up the final details of our life in the US (fragile ceramics, heavy equipment, 8' tall sculpture), we both stop occasionally to share news about friends who've gotten in touch to congratulate us, or neighbors who've reached out about visiting us in Todos Santos. 

It is rewarding to read the statistics provided to us by Indiegogo at the close of our campaign, and in case you're curious to know what dreams you've helped to realize, here's the overview:

172 backers collectively raised $26,515 in 30 days! Incredible!

The majority of you were reached through direct contact (my email list) and the other half came in through (a tie) Facebook and Instagram. 

We had contributors from the United States, Israel, Spain, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, and Malaysia ~ fantastic!

Our most popular incentive prize was (my own original) ceramic art. Thanks for the enthusiasm, old friends + new! Meals Scholarships for Locals was the next most popular incentive gift, followed closely by "kiln love": silicon carbide shelves, bricks + wood storage container sponsorship for our upcoming kiln construction project.

We put your contributions right to work, and last week our "new" used shipping container arrived in Emeryville. Now that we've filled it with our handmade furniture + other artwork, it's ready for pickup + the big move south of the border. This 20' container will be used to keep our wood pile protected from critters, fire + weather, and when not in use for wood storage will be converted into additional shop space. 

Finally, those that picked full value vouchers + workshop tuition as their gifts will be welcome to contact us as soon as they are thinking about visiting (post-grand opening, Spring 2019). We'll be happy to help you find a course that inspires you to unplug from your devices and plug into your creativity. 

Thank you, muchas gracias again to all for your loving support. We await your visit! 

xox love from christa