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LOCATED 15 KILOMETERS NORTH UP THE COAST FROM TODOS SANTOS, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR…hidden among 3.5 acres of Tropical desert terrain…

Taller De Terreno Arts + Wellness Center is a destination site for artist residencies, immersive workshops, day-trip classes, and architectural tours + symposiums.

"We're creating a sanctuary for learning in a cross-disciplinary, think tank context. In a sustainable ranch setting, participants exchange ideas, practice wellness, and work toward assimilating the built environment into the natural one.”

In May of 2019, the first workshop ~ to build TDT’s multi-fuel, high-fire ceramic kiln ~ launched with seven inspired participants and two dedicated maestros who saw the project through ~ from the leveling of the kiln’s concrete “biscuit pad”, to a once-fire wood-firing that smoothly sailed to cone 10 (over 2300 Fahrenheit) in 24 hours.

“Our destination workshops add a splash of wellness to the artist palette~”

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Las Playitas means Little Beaches…our neighborhood of Las Playitas has a few houses, some cows, goats, a few deer + wildcats

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The topography and natural resources of this tropical desert location support Kevin’s architectural plans for a site with passive and sustainable design systems. The couple have dedicated their home, workshop and garden spaces to be experiential for visitors.

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Taller de Terreno will participate in the 11th Annual Todos Santos Open Studio tour, held the weekend of February 8 - 9, 2020, from 10 am to 4 pm Saturday + Sunday. Visit TDT’s innovative, sustainable architecture and shop contemporary ceramics, painting, wood-working and more.