Rancho Sereno

Land Lot w/ Personalized Concept Design for Residential Home

Price: $150,000 USD with home design/ $130,000. land lot only

Town: Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Seller: Taller de Terreno, S de RL de CV

Available NOW 1.5 acres of tropical-desert land, available with or without home design for Casa Serena. The parcel is located just 8 miles north up the coast from Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Baja is a naturally beautiful, untamed peninsula full of wildlife. This hidden retreat of untouched land is the perfect distance from Cabo (great airport, easy 45-min drive up the Pacific Coast) to unplug + reconnect with nature and your creative spirit.

Rancho Sereno is a hand-picked lot with a unique location bordered on the Southern limit by a canyon with a natural Cacti Sanctuary that grants large and beautiful views to both the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra mountains. Great natural elevation.  

Taller de Terreno’s Kevin Wickham has designed a unique concept for an off-grid, sustainable home for Rancho Sereno, in the same spirit as TDT’s own cast-concrete, rammed earth, steel + glass structures. The CAD design shown here can be personalized to suit your individual or family requirements, bringing off-grid living to a new level of comfort + serenity.


  • Property type: Land lot

  • Neighborhood name: Las Playitas

  • Neighborhood type: Residential

  • View type: Ocean & mountain view

  • Lot size: 6,000 m2

  • Electricity: No

  • Water: Trucked

  • Sewage: No

  • Fenced: Partially

Taller de Terreno Arts + Wellness Center                   Founded by Christa Assad + Kevin Wickham                Todos Santos, Baja Sur California, Mexico tallerdeterreno at gmail.com                                                      tel. 00-1-415-503-8617                   www.tallerdeterreno.org