5-Day Workshop: Planting a Sustainable Future

Green Roof Design + Infrastructure: Living in Harmony with Earth + the Indigenous TRADITIONS of Ancient Baja

COURSE DATES: June 15-19, 2019 Sat-Wed 8:30am-4:30 daily

Daniel “Two Coyotes” Camargo

Daniel “Two Coyotes” Camargo

TOTAL COST: $1,750. USD includes 6 nights stay at Hotel Casa Tota in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico (private room + bath, breakfast not included, check-in June 14, check-out June 20), tuition for 5-day course, registration fee, use of shop equipment, transportation to Taller de Terreno from in-town accommodations, healthy lunches catered onsite daily, plus a special organic farm-to-table adios dinner.  Also provided: all materials including prepared buckskin leather, deer sinew + other 100% natural materials for Wopiye medicine bag.                                                                 

*Locals only price (Baja residents only ~ does not include accommodations or transportation): 9,000 pesos. Amigos locales, email or whatsApp us directly to purchase ~ space is limited. 

Belong to this Earth, Walk as a Human Tribe. . . This course will share its time with two inspiring leaders: Ross Vail, Baja Sur’s premier organic farmer, + Daniel “Two Coyotes” Camargo, artist, philosopher + ancient wisdom keeper. Walking the desert with Ross we will identify local drought-tolerant flora + medicinal plants to determine choices for our Green Roof. We will learn about the soil, minerals, + necessary protection against invasive species both plant + animal, while learning the steps of planting a sustainable Green Roof. With Daniel we will exercise mind, body + spirit. Daniel will share his knowledge of Baja California Sur archaeological history + prehistory — the traditional Shamans + cultural expressions of ancient Baja. As a group we will participate in the construction of an Ancient Based Medicine Wheel made using desert rocks + crystals, and explore its benefits for our planet. We will learn about the elaboration of a medicine bag (Wopiye) + make our own from traditional leather materials provided, with a tribal council after. Interwoven throughout these days of building body + mind will be instruction + practice of basic Hatha Yoga + an ancient Mayan form of Tai Chi - TIN KINAN TAH (Cosmic Dance of Natural Manifestation) to exercise the spirit. The workshop will conclude with a ceremony on the land, followed by a farm-to-table dinner on the beach. Join Taller de Terreno’s field workshops + experience the untamed natural beauty of Baja Sur while in the secluded setting of founders Christa Assad + Kevin Wickham’s private home, studio + shop.

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Daniel “Two Coyotes” Camargo + Lynn Wedekind

Daniel “Two Coyotes” Camargo + Lynn Wedekind


Christopher Daniel Camargo is an artist, philosopher, ancient wisdom keeper, yoga & meditation teacher in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico. He has Professional Certification studies in the National Institute of Beauty Arts, where he learned history of world art, myth, and cultural anthropology, as well as field work experience in archaeological records of Central Meso American civilizations as part of his studies in INBA (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes). Daniel shares his passion and visions about ancient world cultural myth and shamanic spiritual healing systems as practiced by several indigenous world traditions, including costumes and beliefs. Daniel’s focus is to help preserve, promote, and teach about traditional native art techniques, values, and survival skills developed by ancient indigenous inhabitants of this world. 

Daniel empowers the human soul in the direction of unity and respect in a truly passionate way that helps in understanding what is it to belong to this earth with a true sense of walking as a human tribe, and to remember that our true purpose as human beings or species can be found in a world of authenticity by becoming real to ones own feelings, values and spiritual perception of one self.


Facebook: Christopher Two Coyotes.

Noel Cianci + Ross Vail, co-creators in life and work

Noel Cianci + Ross Vail, co-creators in life and work

Ross Vail BIO

Ross Vail created the first certified and acknowledged organic farm in Baja Sur and has stewarded the land for three decades, specifically in the agricultural cultivation of culinary herbs and produce for domestic sales and export.

Witnessing the alchemy and the diverse remedies Damiana offered, Ross devoted himself from source to still. Wildcrafting inspired Ross to have deep respect for this plant. Ross continues to raise awareness of Damiana’s medicinal properties.



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