TDT Masters Series:

Chris Gustin ~ Doug Casebeer: Coils + Slabs Run Amok

WORKSHOP DATES: November 9 - 20, 2020

TOTAL COST includes: course tuition; clay, glazes + use of shop equipment + kiln; 10 continental breakfasts + 10 lunches (mon-fridays) + 2 special dinners, plus

accommodations for 13 nights, check-in Nov 8, check-out Nov 21:

+ double-occupancy room, shared bath, Twin bed: $3190.

+ double-occupancy room, shared bath, Queen bed: $3290. 

+ private room, private bath, Queen bed: $3750.

+self-contained casita including kitchen + living area, private bath, Queen bed: $3950. 

Making larger scaled pots on the wheel requires both keen throwing skill and strength. Yet potters for thousands of years have found easier and simpler means of working with larger scaled pots by using simple coils of clay for construction. One on top of another, building with coils offer a tremendous possibility for the potter to pursue both scale and form.

This workshop will explore pottery form through the use of the coil + slab. But big isn’t necessarily best, so we will also look at the history of ceramics and how the use of geometry, ratio, proportion and the relationship between simple shapes (ie. the circle, square, rectangle and triangle) have been used by potters of all cultures to create structure in both the making of pottery and the decoration of surface.  

We will work wet throughout the first week and fire the second. This will be a great time to try out something new and to push the limits of scale and form within your work.

Skill level - intermediate to advanced.  Students should have good skills in either hand building or throwing. Previous hand building experience not required.

Chris + Doug will also do separate slide shows for the workshop, showing both an historical and contemporary survey of pottery which uses geometry to organize the forms created. Starting with a simple circle, we will work to build more complex formal relationships using geometry as a means of structure and organization. Bowls, plates, jars, teapots, tureens, vases, etc. will all be looked at in ways that reveal their underlying strategies. 

Chris Gustin_Instagram 2018_crop.png
Vessel , Chris Gustin

Vessel, Chris Gustin

Vase , Doug Casebeer

Vase, Doug Casebeer